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As a paramedic and instructor for advanced courses in trauma life support, and with over 30 years of experience with trauma related to Auto Accidents, Greater Pittsburgh Joint and Muscle Center is the place to go when you are injured. Our computerized assessments, computerized physical impairment evaulations, and advanced treatments will get you back to you being you in no time. 

Auto accident injuries are one of the main reasons that people have to get medical care today. Some of the most common injuries resulting from an auto accident are the soft tissue ones, those that don't involve broken bones but can still cause a huge amount of pain and other difficult symptoms. Frank Verri, DC, of Greater Pittsburgh Joint and Muscle Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can help auto accident victims get on the road to a natural recovery today.

Auto-Injuries Q & A


What are the most common auto injuries?

Whiplash is by far the most common auto injury and are most ignored in "fender bender " accidents. Whiplash happens when the neck is distorted by the sudden impact when the vehicle crashes. Whiplash can also happen in other types of collisions or in other situations where the neck and head are forced beyond their usual range of motion. Whiplash can cause a collection of uncomfortable and even seriously painful symptoms.

What are the symptoms of whiplash?

The symptoms of whiplash commonly start within 24 hours of the auto accident. However, in some cases, symptoms may take longer to appear. Anyone who is involved in an auto accident should get checked out, even if they aren't experiencing any symptoms immediately following the accident. The earlier the evaluation is made, the earlier treatment can begin. The most common symptoms include pain in the neck, neck stiffness, headaches concentrated at the base of the skull, vision problems, and dizziness. In the most serious cases of whiplash, the patient may also have symptoms like memory loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears,) insomnia, and inability to concentrate. Some people may even have a completely immobile head, numbness in the hands and feet, or pain that spreads into the shoulders and arms. These symptoms mean that treatment is needed immediately.

What is the best way to treat auto injuries?

Auto injuries like whiplash are typically treated very effectively with chiropractic care techniques. Dr. Verri will perform a complete analysis to determine the cause of the patient's pain, often accompanied by X-ray imaging to help confirm any diagnosis. Spinal adjustments allow the misplaced vertebrae to be moved back to the proper position. These adjustments may be done either by hand or with specialized devices in a treatment called the Activator technique. McKenzie exercises can help reduce disc derangement, and massage therapy can help alleviate muscle pain and stress. Auto injuries like whiplash are treated on an individual basis, as each patient may have unique symptoms and issues. Dr. Verri can adjust the treatment plan based on the patient's response to early treatment to make sure that they heal as quickly and fully as possible.

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