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Greater Pittsburgh Joint and Muscle Center is proud to reintroduce the Lipo Laser treatment in conjunction with our weight-loss plan!  The Lipo Laser machine uses L.E.D. to create a warm light that superficially penetrates the skin and stimulates the fat cell; this causes pores to form on the outer edge of the fat shell and allows the cell to release the contents inside and shrink. This allows the contents of the fat cell to be metabolized and/or excreted. Combining Lipo Laser with diet and exercise, you can expect to lose 1-1.5 inches after three sessions. After six to nine treatments, seeing a reduction of 3 inches or so is normal.  The overall process is something the body natural does via exercise, the difference being that when done using exercise the hormones are making it happen, with the body light, we can force a particular, stubborn fat cells to respond that are not normally responsive.


$59 - Single Session

$159- Three Sessions

$299 - Six Sessions

$475- 12 sessions (comes to 39.58 a session)

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