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149,800,00 people a year suffer from headaches and migraines which can cause people to miss work or other important obligations. The cost to treat headaches annualy is at an astonishing $79.2 billion dollars a year!  While medication may offer a quick fix, patients today want a solution that lasts. Frank Verri, DC, of Greater Pittsburgh Joint and Muscle Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania offers relief for migraines and other types of headaches using the most advanced technoligy in the industry, computerized chiropractic.

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Migraines and Headaches Q & A

What are migraines?

Migraines are a type of headache that causes severe pain in most people. Migraines are frequently tied to a chronic neurological disorder. This type of headache can last for hours or even days. People who have migraines experience a strong pulsing or throbbing sensation in part of the head. Migraines can also cause issues like light sensitivity, vomiting, and nausea. Migraines are so serious that they often cause sufferers to miss work or other obligations.

What are tension headaches?

Tension headaches are caused by things like lack of sleep and stress. Tension headaches typically start and end within around 5 hours. Although the pain is fairly short term, it can be intense and may interfere with a person's ability to work or take care of other obligations. Tension headaches often manifest as a painful sensation of pressure on the top, sides, and front parts of the head. Tension headaches often happen late in the day, which causes issues with falling asleep. This starts a vicious cycle of sleep deprivation and new headaches due to lack of sleep.

What are cluster headaches?

Cluster headaches can send extreme pain through the whole head, including the jaw, eyes, and face. This kind of headache lasts up to 3 hours, during which the sufferer is in terrible pain. This type of headache happens in groups, occurring daily for weeks or even longer periods of time.

Why don't pain reliever medications work for headaches long term?

Pain reliever medications only work for a few hours, which means that headache sufferers have to keep taking the medicine long term. Taking pain relievers long term, especially acetaminophen-based pain relievers, can cause some serious health issues. Liver toxicity is a major risk. It causes symptoms like nausea, lack of appetite, vomiting, sweating, fever, and convulsions. The symptoms of liver toxicity can come and go, so many people who take regular doses of pain relievers aren't aware that their liver is failing. Pain relievers aren't the long-term answer for anyone who wants to protect their overall health and wellness.

How are headaches treated?

Most headaches benefit from a combination of natural treatments. The goal is to relieve current pain while preventing future headaches. Treatment options include chiropractic treatments, manual therapy, spinal adjustments, and injections. Dr. Verri can also provide nutritional and lifestyle direction, helping patients to avoid their triggers and limit headache outbreaks.

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