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Physical medicine focuses on finding effective solutions for disease, illness, and injury through non-surgical and non-medication means. Frank Verri, DC, of Greater Pittsburgh Joint and Muscle Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can help patients with a variety of different conditions, helping them to regain full health and feel their very best the natural way.

Physical Medicine Q & A

What is physical medicine?

Physical medicine is also called physiatry. Physical medicine physicians are focused on helping patients to achieve full function again after an injury, or when dealing with a disability or impairment of some type. In addition to helping patients heal, physical medicine physicians also help the patient find ways to improve their quality of life overall.

What kind of treatments are included in physical medicine?

Physical medicine can include a wide range of treatments. Generally, there are two main kinds of treatment: active and passive treatment. During the active portion of the physical medicine treatment, the patient learns prescribed exercises. These exercises generally include customized exercises that help the patient with conditioning, strengthening, and pain relief. The active part of physical medicine treatment requires hard work from the patient, but the payoff of a full recovery is well worth it. In the passive part of physical medicine treatment, the patient receives a variety of treatments that help alleviate pain in a natural way. This can include treatments like heat application, ice application, and ultrasound therapy. All of the treatments used in physical medicine are completely natural, with no medicine or invasive treatments needed. Most people have both active and passive physical medicine treatments throughout the recovery process.

Why is physical medicine so helpful in recovery?

Physical medicine is so helpful for people who suffer from pain, weakness, or other physical issues because it allows them to regain full function, or the very fullest function possible, again. While medication can be used for pain relief in the short term, it won't help the patient actually recover. Physical medicine actually focuses on helping the patient recover and achieve their previous quality of life again.

Can physical medicine be combined with other types of treatment?

Yes, physical medicine is often a component of a larger wellness plan. For example, many patients who are in physical medicine treatment will also benefit from chiropractic adjustments or from other types of natural treatments. Dr. Verri is happy to work with each of his patients to help them find the ideal approach to recovery and long-term wellness.

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