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It was easy putting it on. Many of us, including me actually had a great time doing it! The question I now ask is, are you happy with you? Do you feel you are living your life at the fullest? Do you have loved ones who want you to be around longer and do you want to be around for them? 

This program works. Its old school. Its motivation. Its purpose over desire, and most importantly, it lasts. If you are looking for some fast gimmack to get you to lose weight while you continue doing what you do, then maybe this is not for you. 

Together we will find out what it is that keeps you doing the things you do to keep the weight on. 

Weight Loss Programs Q & A

How does the weight loss program work?

The weight loss plan has 5 phases, and it's designed to give patients long lasting results. Patients can expect to not only learn the reasons behind their past weight loss failures, but also new tools to help them succeed now and in the future.

Step 1: Discover your purpose

Believe it or not, this is the hardest part. Its you getting in to you and finding out what is going to motivate you to keep the discipline needed to become who you want to be. This is also an extremely healing phase. So many of us don't realize we turn to food for comfort or to satisfy boredom. That leads us to say things like "I'll change but I could never give up (whatever that is)". When your purpose becomes stronger than your desire, then we win!

Step 2: Dietary plan

No, not a diet, but a dietary plan. So many people have tried different plans and either failed, or succeeded and put it right back on. Then the excuse comes "well I know what to do". Well, why arent you and wy didnt it stay. With our in depth diagniostics, we create a plan based on lab testing and obejective findings, and most importantly, we coach you through the whole thing. 

Step 3: Adjuncts

This is not always applicable but in the event additional services are needed, we create those for you. Examples include physical rehabilitation, pain management, emotional support and/or supplementation

Step 4: Movement

The human body has a system that is set up very similar to the vascular system and one of its jobs is to act like your bodies sewage system, and removing extra fat from the body. The system, unlike the vascular system, doesn't have a motor (the heart) to keep things moving. It functions when you move. As we break fat down, its important, not just for vascular strength, but lympahtic movement, to create a movement and motion program. 

Step 5: Muscle Strengthening

Most metabolism in your body occurs in skeletal muscle. If you dont have muscle, you most likely have fat. As we break fat down, we slowly, and at your pace, begin to build muscle tissue. This ensures for long term benefits as the more muscle mass you have, the greater you metabolim will be in the long run. 

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