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Weight loss programs often fail because the program may not have a strong medical foundation and good support system. With medical help, most patients are able to succeed. Frank Verri, DC, of Greater Pittsburgh Joint and Muscle Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is ready to help patients meet their weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Programs Q & A

How does the weight loss program work?

The weight loss plan has 5 phases, and it's designed to give patients long lasting results. Patients can expect to not only learn the reasons behind their past weight loss failures, but also new tools to help them succeed now and in the future.

Phase 1: Discover

Phase 1 is called the discovery phase. People who have extra belly fat may have hormonal imbalances such as excess estrogen, insufficient DHEA, excess insulin, insufficient testosterone, or excess cortisol. The lab testing will measure all of these things along with vitamin deficiencies, inflammation levels, blood sugar levels, metabolism, and more. The lab tests help to determine the reason that the patient has been unable to lose weight so far. With the information from the blood tests, the medical team can bring hormones into balance and develop a customized weight loss plan.

Phase 2: Remove

In the removal phase, the weight loss roadblocks are taken away. Weight loss counseling sessions start with a detox that makes it easier to start burning fat. A high protein diet that will help keep the patient satiated will be developed based on the patient's individual needs. This phase includes support of all types, including recipes and weight loss tricks.

Phase 3: Accelerate

In the acceleration phase, the patient is already starting to notice the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. This is the ideal time to boost energy levels and accelerate fat loss. During the acceleration phase, all aspects of the diet will be evaluated including food and medical tools, to help the patient get the fastest fat burning results.

Phase 4: Transition

In the transition phase, the patient will have already lost a significant amount of weight. During the transition phase, the patient will still typically drop a couple of pounds each week. In this phase, the focus shifts to building muscle and achieve a lean and sculpted look. Some patients opt for body contouring treatments during the transition phase to target stubborn, trouble zones.

Phase 5: Maintenance

When the patient reaches their weight loss goal, they typically meet with a weight loss counselor to take an “after” photo and review all they’ve learned during the process. Patients can then continue on with the program in maintenance mode to help them keep their results for the long term.

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